I Confess: I’ve lied to my kids about when their birthdays are.

Published: 06/17/2020

A confession from Hello Bello's Mom (aka Kristen Bell)

When kids are really young they have little to no concept of time and, yes, I’ve taken advantage of that and lied to them about bedtime – and even about their birthdays. Like, if it’s a Wednesday, and we can’t celebrate and we’re both working late, then guess what? Your birthday is on Saturday. They don’t know! And it’s just a little white lie, right?

NOTE: This is a judgment-free zone! Our Confessions series is meant to show that no one’s a perfect parent and we all make mistakes and we even make our own rules sometimes to survive this crazy journey of raising humans. It’s meant to be light-hearted and entertaining. We welcome comments and even your own confessions (you can submit them here for a chance to be featured on our blog). We do not tolerate shaming, judging, or negativity of any kind. Our parenting community is one of inclusivity and support. Bring the love, people!

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