March 2023
Hello Dreamers!
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Sleep Lantern
Step 1 - Open up, unpack all your goodies, and get ready to sleep sweetly.
Sleep Lantern Step 1
Step 2 - Punch out the perforated stars, moons, clouds, and lines along the top panels of the box.
Sleep Lantern Step 2
Step 3 - Look to the bottom of the box to find an additional pop-out that serves as the top of your lantern—don’t forget to pop out the perforated star on this piece.
Sleep Lantern Step 3
Step 4 - Fold and connect the top panels, then add that extra piece to create the almost dome-like “roof” of the lantern.
Sleep Lantern Step 4
Step 5 - Turn your phone flashlight on and slip it into the open space on the bottom panel.
Sleep Lantern Step 5
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