October 2022
Hello Spooky Seas-on
Ready to Hoist the Colors?
Haunted ship
Step 1 - Open the box—All hands on deck for this one!
Haunted Ship Step 1
Step 2 - Keep creepin’ it real! Tear off the purple flaps along the perforations to form this vessel’s ghastly hull.
Haunted Ship Step 2
Step 3 - Unfold the bottom and punch out the sails. Re-fold to board the haunted ship!
Haunted Ship Step 3
Step 4 - Punch tiny holes out in the front and back of the box, and bend the connectors at the base of your creepy cut-outs.
Haunted Ship Step 4
Step 5 - Attach the cut-outs to raise your sails and begin your journey! When adventures in parenting get a little spooky, remember Hello Bello has your back.
Haunted Ship Step 5
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