April 2023
Hello Green Thumbs!
Hello Bello is giving you all the tools you need to celebrate Earth Day. So, How does your garden grow?
Garden Box
Step 1 - Open up and unpack all your goodies!
Garden Box Step 1
Step 2 - Fold the top panels to the inside of the box and use the perforated edge to pop out the Hello Bello “garden arch.”
Garden Box Step 2
Step 3 - Look to the bottom of the box to find and pop out the perforated watering can and shovel.
Garden Box Step 3
Step 4 - Now fold those bottom panels under to their original placement. Make sure the panels with holes (where you found the tools) are covered by the other two.
Garden Box Step 4
Step 5 - Get to planting!
Garden Box Step 5
Done building your box? Share your creation using #HelloBello
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