January 2023
Hello Cat in the Hat
Hello Bello is here to help parents mind the mess.
Step 1 - Hold on to your hats… Open up and unpack all your goodies.
CITH Box Step 1
Step 2 - Punch out along the perforated line to discover The Cat in the Hat’s Thinga-ma-jigger.
CITH Box Step 2
Step 3 - Look to the bottom of the box to find an extra arm (every parent needs a helping hand).
CITH Box Step 3
Step 4 - Punch out the arm, then punch out the perforated slit in the middle of the side panel.
CITH Box Step 4
Step 5 - Fit the arm into the slit, and voila—you’re all set!
CITH Box Step 5
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