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Let’s End Diaper Need

Together, we can make a difference
1 in 2 Families...
...struggle with diaper need. Diapers are just as essential for health and well-being as food, but most government programs do nothing to alleviate this need. It’s unacceptable – and as the numbers keep growing, we need to take action. U.S. Senators Kevin Cramer (R-ND) and Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) just re-introduced the End Diaper Need Act of 2023 and it's time to make some noise in support of this vital legislation.
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47% of parents can’t afford diapers. Of those parents:
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skip meals and other essentials to offset the cost of diapers
54% white circle
report needing a doctor’s care for baby’s rashes or infections
39% white circle
leave baby in a soiled diaper longer than they should
25% icon white circle
attempt to “clean,” dry, and reuse disposable diapers
Did You Know?
  • SNAP and WIC assistance cannot be used for diapers
  • Diaper need is a leading cause of maternal depression
  • Most daycares will not accept babies if diapers are not provided
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As a Result,
Parents in need who rely on daycare miss an average of 5 days of work each month, perpetuating the cycle of poverty.
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We demand that elected officials take action and pass the End Diaper Need Act of 2023. Add your voice to the growing list of people who will no longer tolerate the fact that we are failing babies and families.
More Ways to Help
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Nominate a Family
In addition to our general diaper donations (6+ million to date), we’re gifting individual families with a year’s worth of diapers.
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Help Raise Awareness
Share facts and start conversations. With 1 in 2 families impacted, someone in your circle is likely silently struggling.
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Donate or Volunteer
Think outside the box. Any skill you have could help: design, accounting, baking. Contact your local diaper bank.
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Every action, big or small, makes an impact. Together, we can help end diaper need.