Hello Bello's 10-Ounce Bottles are Now Made from Timeplast's Pre-degraded Plastic!

We're thrilled to announce that we're the first baby company to bring a revolutionary, new, eco-friendly plastic to market! 

Here's the 411:

  • Traditional plastic takes about 1,500 years to degrade in the environment. Timeplast's pre-degraded plastic kick-starts the degradation process and cuts the workload for Mother Nature by 90%.
  • It’s 300% more recyclable than traditional plastic (which becomes useless after being recycled only four times).
  • With Timeplast, it’s a win-win at the end of a product’s use. If it doesn’t get recycled, it’ll degrade much, much more quickly. If it does get recycled, it creates a higher quality recycled plastic.

Baby reaching for bath products

When Hello Bello’s old and new 10-ounce bottles are sitting side-by-side, they look and feel identical. You can’t tell the difference, but Mother Nature can. 
The products are still the same price. It’s the same experience. So without doing anything at all, you’re doing Mother Nature a huge favor. Learn more about this amazing plastic on our blog!

Let's get more brands to use Timeplast!

As parents and a family brand, we want more companies to use Timeplast because we'll be handing this planet off to our kiddos some day -- and even though capitalism requires competition, addressing climate change requires collaboration. We want to use our voice and influence to spread the word about this revolutionary technology and support the greater good that will come from it

Here's how to help:

  • If you're a consumer, contact your other favorite brands and urge them to check out Timeplast.
  • If you work for a brand interested in exploring Timeplast, feel free to reach out to our personal contact, Tony Martinez, at 305-801-0043 or [email protected]. He's incredibly knowledgeable about the technology and its viable applications – and also an incredible human who's amazing to work with!