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5 Ways to Use Hello Bello's Diaper Registry Fund

Published: 02/10/2022

We know that raising a child is one of, if not the, most exciting adventures of your life. But it’s also the most expensive – especially when it comes to diapers and training pants. In fact, the average parent spends about $900 per year on booty wrappers. What a pain in the butt! 

Enter our first-of-its-kind Diaper Registry Fund

Getting diapers into the hands of caregivers (and onto the bums of babies) who need them is what we’re all about. Our program makes it easy to give and receive diapers through the support of your own community and network. 

Who is our Diaper Registry Fund for? Anyone and everyone (whether you’re a parent or not). How can you participate? We’re so glad you asked! 

Here are 5 ways to use Hello Bello’s Diaper Registry Fund. 

#1 For Yourself!

You need diapers, friends and family want to pitch in, we make it simple (and not at all awkward) to ask for the support you need. Simply start a fund, choose a contribution goal, personalize your profile with pictures and a note, then send your page link to others so they can donate money to your fund. If you’re expecting, add that link to your baby shower invitation. If your little one has already arrived, then get excited because now you FINALLY have an answer to the age-old question, “How can I help?”  

#2 For a Family In Need.

Activate your neighborhood, friend group, or community to give and do good. If you know of a family or foster family who is struggling financially, set up a diaper registry fund for them. Send out a CTA and watch the donations roll in. The best part? The recipient can use their funds for ANY Hello Bello product, not just diapers. Life happens, and it’s a beautiful thing when we band together to help meet the practical needs of others. 

#3 As a Surprise. 

If there’s a parent-to-be in your life, then the gift of booty bucks is a no brainer! Whether it’s your bestie, coworker, neighbor, or a family member, surprise ‘em with a Diaper Registry Fund. (Bonus points if the contribution goal is already met when you hand over the gift!) While simply giving a pack of diapers as a present is always thoughtful, here's the benefit of the Diaper Registry Fund: Babies and their diaper needs are unpredictable, so actual money to spend on diapers, as needed, gives parents and caregivers complete control. This’ll ensure they don’t receive more newborn-sized diapers than they can actually use. (It’s a common dilemma!)  

#4 For an Organization.

There are so many diaper banks, foster care closets, shelters, and organizations helping parents in poverty. Find one in your own community to support – just do a little research first to make sure they accept donated diapers and baby supplies. Then, start your own digital diaper bank! Set up a fund, crowdsource contributions, and order diapers to donate right away.  

#5 As a Budgeting Tool.

The best way to ensure you can afford diapers is to budget for them. A personal Diaper Registry Fund can help with that! Start a fund and finance it yourself – it’s like a savings account for baby’s basic necessities. Aren’t you savvy?!

Ready to start a Diaper Registry Fund for you or someone else? Have questions? Visit our Diaper Registry Fund page to learn more.