60-Second Self-Care: 10 Fast Ways To Love Yourself

Published: 02/10/2022

When it comes to self-care, sometimes a minute’s all you’ve got. Believe it or not, spending 60 (intentional) seconds on yourself can leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and more like a human (less like a mommy or daddy zombie). Try taking a few one-minute breaks throughout the day to show yourself the TLC you SO deserve!

Introducing 60-second self-care. Here are 10 really freaking-fast ways to love yourself:


#1 Give Your Taste Buds Some Bliss.

Bite into something delicious and decadent, like dark chocolate (mmmm!). And give yourself a full minute to really enjoy it. Close your eyes. Let it melt in your mouth, paying attention to the velvety texture and complex flavors. It could also be fresh berries or your favorite whatever! Take a bite and savor it. These 60 seconds are for YOU to enjoy.


#2 Get a Move On.

Stop whatever you’re doing right now and give your body a moment of movement. Roll your shoulders forward and backward. Flex your wrists. Bend over and touch your toes. Raise your hands to the sky. Put on a fave tune and dance like no one's watching (cuz babies and toddlers don't count!). Wake up those muscles and feel a little more alive! 


#3 Smooth Things Over.

Loving yourself means loving the skin you’re in, too. But when you’re so consumed with keeping your baby’s skin soft and safe, it’s all too easy to neglect your own. Treat your skin to a buttery balm that’ll nourish those cracked heels, elbows, hands, and lips. Give yourself a 60-second, super-focused massage wherever it seems most needed. Double-down on your tiny, you-time by listening to a favorite soothing song. You might be surprised how rejuvenating a moment can be when you focus on yourself this much.


#4 Mellow Out. 

Meditation won’t solve your problems, but tuning in to silence can make them feel less scary and more manageable. You’ve got a lot on your mind, so why not forget about it all for a (literal) minute? Let this short meditation from Headspace be your guide and revisit it whenever you need a moment of mindfulness. 


#5 Take a Chill Pill (errr…vitamin). 

Eating nutritious foods is totally an act of self-care. But when you don’t have the bandwidth for cooking a healthy homemade meal, supplements can lend a hand. When taken in the form of a gummy, vitamins can even be a tasty treat! Add in a daily multi or, for ultimate inner peace, try a stress-relieving or sleep-promoting gummy. Whatever you choose, use a mantra for an extra boost of awesomeness. For example, when you chew those gummies, think to yourself: "I'm good enough. I'm actually pretty freaking awesome. And I'm grateful for the good things in my life." (Acknowledging even the smallest things in life does wonders for mental health.)

#6 Make Big Plans.

Do something that future you will appreciate. Pick up the phone and book your next massage, haircut, pedicure, or dinner reservation–even if it’s two months out! You’ll feel 10 times better knowing it’s on the horizon. 

#7 Clear The Clutter. 

There’s nothing quite like a sparkling countertop to help you feel more capable and calm. Take a minute to tidy up your kitchen or bathroom counter (even if it’s just moving the dishes to the sink). Don’t forget to spritz the surface with an all-purpose cleaner (choose one with a plant-derived scent you love!), light a candle, and take a deep breath. Another reason to keep things clean? Simple, daily, and routine tasks like putting away the dishes can actually be a form of meditation. So give your brain a break and delight in your clean space.

#8 Picture Something Perfect.

Imagine your “happy place” or reminisce through pictures of the people, places, and things that bring you joy. Savor the positive memories and make a mental gratitude list. Go ahead, feel ALL the feels. 

#9 Nurture With Nature.

Step outside for just a minute! Breathe in the fresh air, close your eyes and lift your head to the sun. Sink your bare feet into the grass and notice how it tickles your toes! Spending time in nature (even for 60 secs!) can improve mental clarity and reduce anxiety, depression, and anger. Leave your cell phone behind so you can be fully present! 

#10 Work Out The Kinks.

Be your own (on demand) massage therapist! Using baby oil or lotion, target one small area of your body (like your hands, wrists, feet, or forearms) and apply gentle, circular pressure with your thumbs to loosen things up. Enjoy a full mini-massage moment and don't let your thoughts wander (it's all too easy to allow your mental to-do-list take over!). Stay present by focusing on the feeling of your relaxed muscles. And maybe try some positive self-talk like "I can do hard things," or "I take care of myself so I can better care for my family." 

With only a minute to spare, how do you like to treat yourself? Share your ideas with us in the comments.