Self-Care is Much Easier (& More Important) Than You Think: Advice from Dr. Chung

Published: 09/19/2021

It may seem like self-care becomes infinitely more challenging once you have a kid (or two or three….or however many you have!), but it's vital to your well-being –  and actually far easier than you probably think. 

"Self care is not about the act itself, but it's more about the intention that goes behind the act itself. So making the time for self-care is probably a lot easier and less time consuming than you actually might think," says Dr. Michelle Chung. "It could be simply having the intention to just carve out a period of time for yourself, maybe when you're showering or getting dressed, or having a short FaceTime call with friends while having a cup of coffee, or even taking a few minutes just to zone out. But again, with the intention that this is for you, this is for self care."

Our friends at Frame invited Dr. Chung (Psy. D who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of anxiety-related challenges, and holds a faculty position at Mt. Sinai Medical Center) to dig a little deeper into the benefits and science behind self care, and ways we can create our own practices today.  

You can watch her incredibly helpful and eye-opening insights below.


Have any self-care tips of your own?  Please share them in the comments below to help out our community of caregivers!

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