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Expert Advice For Managing Holiday Stress

Published: 11/23/2021

There is no easy way to navigate the holidays, especially when you have little kids. (Don’t get us wrong, children certainly make the season more magical….but also more emotional, dramatic, and overstimulating for everyone involved!) Once Halloween is over, the holiday rush comes fast and frenzied. With shopping, cards, decorating, cooking, and gathering on the horizon, it can feel nearly impossible to stay present amidst the chaos. But there are steps we can take to make the holiday season less stressful and more joyful. Psst: It starts with prioritizing our own health, needs, and wellbeing! 

We’ve gathered some helpful advice from a few resources below. 

For ideas on how to mindfully manage your response to stressful situations, Dr. Mylien Duong teamed up with the Committee For Children in a Winter Wellbeing video series. She shares useful techniques here. 


Next up: A quick reminder for parents and caregivers to SLOW DOWN, delegate responsibilities, and be present for all the memory-making moments this year. Thanks to Dr. Dehra Harris for these tips!

Finally, our friends at Frame share a discussion on how to handle tricky situations brought on by the holidays: changed plans due to Covid-19, tense conversations with family, and focusing on your needs.   



(Frame is a mental health platform that makes it easier to connect with therapists. Use their free services to find a therapist of your own, or browse through their content library of resources including recorded therapy sessions, therapist-led Q&As and more. Interested in giving them a try? Use code HELLOBELLO for $60 off your therapy session when you find a therapist through Frame.)


And last but not least, we turned to our expert parent community (you!). Here are some of your best holiday self-care tips, as submitted to us on Instagram:

@mccancecrew: Saying "no" to traditions, events, or things that I don't have the bandwidth for. 

@amieruggles: I try a mindful session nightly. I reflect on my day, my feelings, and I just take a moment to check in. 

@katy.dell1: Christmas shopping all by myself.

@kathryn.eyre1: Buying paper plates so I don't have to do dishes.

@_.lilymia._: Solo hair and/or nail appointment! 

@kaitlynpaigehardy: Allowing myself to eat as much as I want.

@thatonegirlanabanana: Driving to pick up coffee by myself.

@caseyfiore: Getting a hotel/airbnb if it’s in your budget! I need a home base/my own space when traveling! 

@jordanxmudd: Evening baths and a book!

@jessicalspielmann: Exercising/Workouts. Getting to spend an hour to focus on myself is such a good feeling.

@chandapandapolleywog: An actual cup of tea that is hot. 


How do you practice self-care during the stressful holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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