Baby with Birthday Cupcake

HBD, Baby! What's Ahead For Your 12-Month-Old (And You)?

Published: 05/05/2021

You know you're a parent when every trip out of the house feels like you're getting ready for a weeklong in which you don't know the weather forecast, so you just decide to pack your child's entire wardrobe.

It’s baby’s birthday month – aww yeah! Your wee one is probably surprising you at every turn. In just one year, they’ve gone from a helpless little being to a tiny person whose physical development is changing at lightning speed. They’re on the move (which means you are, too, since chasing them down is your new full-time job) and curious about EVERYTHING. Just look at what you’ve created; you should be super proud of your tot!

But not so fast. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your baby just hit a whole new level of being a pain in the a**. Welcome to early toddlerhood, where introducing new foods means they’ll just end up on the floor (or in your face), and their new favorite pastime will be telling you “no.” Also, you might want to stock up on some new books about sleep regression because their sleep patterns are changing once again (at least you’ll have something stimulating to read when you’re awake in the middle of the night! Ha!). Fun times!

And yet, for all the ways your kiddo will drive you crazy, they’re on the extra-fast track now! This next year will bring more and more changes as your bitty baby transforms into a kid. Savor it all: their sweet and sassy personality, developing interests (dinosaurs, airplanes, animals, bugs – all amazing!), and first words. But don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back! Though baby’s world is expanding, you are still the center of their universe and doing a damn fine job!

Year one – check! 

PRO HACK – Whether or not you’re planning a birthday bash for your sweetie, don’t sweat it! No child has ever actually remembered their first birthday, let alone the decorations, theme, gifts, or guest list. If you need to keep it chill for your sanity, your one-year-old will not know the difference. (Just be sure to take a couple of photos of a cake smash or something!)

SUPER PRO HACK – If you regret falling behind (or forgoing) a traditional baby book now that your babe is a one-year-old, you can still consolidate the memories digitally. You likely documented tons of fun milestones through your photos and videos (like baby’s first tooth, trip, and bite of food) – and they’re even dated if you took them on your phone! Just drag and drop them into a folder on your desktop for easy reminiscing. Voila!