Our Best Hacks For Your 3-Month-Old Pooper

Published: 04/29/2021

: If your baby won't poop, give them a bath, a new diaper, and fresh jammies. A perfectly clean baby = guaranteed poo blowout. 

 You have become someone who sniffs the air at random, smells another person’s behind at least fifty times a day, and has become intimately invested in that person’s bowel movements. You have cleaned up things that are so disgusting, words fail to describe it… but you do describe it (to anyone who will listen!) because sometimes a major diaper blowout is the most interesting thing that’s happened to you all day. Who are you?!

Poopy pants are a fact of life but there are ways to make diaper time stink a little less. Here’s a quick and [guaranteed] dirty roundup of some of our best diaper tips and tricks: 

  • During an explosive diaper emergency, the last thing you want to do is get poop all over your baby’s body. Enter the envelope fold. Onesie’s have envelope folds on the shoulders so you can pull it down off your baby instead of over their head. (Who knew?? And why don’t they come with instructions?)
  • Entertain your wiggly baby on the changing table. You can play the face pants game – always a winner. Plop your baby’s pants on his face while changing his diaper, and when you pull them off, shout “Peek a boo!” Or try placing a clean wipe (or another safe object) on her forehead and pretend she’s invisible until you take it off. Distraction is key!
  • You are already sleep deprived, so don’t let a late-night diaper changing rob you of more zzz’s than it has to. Swap your traditional lightbulb for a red light bulb. White and blue light signals to your brain that it’s time to wake up, while red light says that it’s still sleepy time.
  • In-doubt about your baby’s diaper size? Always size up. It’s easier to fit on a diaper that’s too big rather than one that’s too small. Worst case scenario, you get the wrong size and have to save it for your child’s next growth spurt (which won’t be long).

PRO HACK: Find ways to distract your baby during changing time: Sing, tickle their tummy, tell them a joke, play a game.

SUPER PRO HACK: The leg ruffles on your disposable diaper are important! Always keep them visible, and never tucked in. They’ll act like a floodgate for all sorts of fun messes.