Man with baby

Have You Tried This Hack With Your 9-Month-Old?

Published: 03/30/2021

 The baby is finally down for the night. Quick! Eat, shower, laundry, wine, Netflix! When you become a parent, you'll cram your entire adult life into the time between your baby's bedtime and your own. 

If you already wear your baby, you win – and you probably can’t live without it by now. If you don’t wear your baby? You still win, too. Come on, you’re raising a human, after all!

There are lots of reasons to keep your baby kangaroo snug against your body while you go about the day. Though wearing your baby isn’t an absolute necessity, there are major benefits – ranging from the scientific to the practical. When your baby feels cozy, safe, and connected to their caregiver, you can expect a happier baby! Studies have even shown that skin-to-skin time with your little one during the postpartum months can boost mama’s mental health. And as you continue learning and adapting to each new day of parenthood, baby wearing helps the two of you stay bonded since you’re more likely to interact with each other when things are up close and personal. It’s a great chance to talk with your baby, make eye contact, and respond to their cues. Plus, there’s nothing cuter than wearing your snuggly baby on a walk, coffee run, or to the grocery store while you get to be hands-free for all of life’s important chores and errands (scrolling on your phone totally counts!).

Whether you go with a wrap, sling, or a structured carrier, there are many brands to choose from - it’s worth testing out a few to see if they’ll work for you and your munchkin.

Baby not buying it? We get it – not all babies like being strapped to mom or dad. So, no judgement if you opt for holding your kiddo or pushing them in a stroller. You do you!


PRO HACK – Baby wearing isn’t just for moms and dads. Caregivers and family members can join in on the fun, too!

SUPER PRO HACK – If you’re determined to give baby wearing a try (but don’t want to forgo your paycheck) ask to borrow a friend’s carrier so you can give it a whirl, or search for some used options that you can buy and try for a fraction of the cost.