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Does Baby Lotion Help Dry Baby Skin?

Published: 03/08/2024

Who doesn’t love the sweet-smelling, buttery-soft feel of baby skin? Who hasn’t at one time considered actually eating [that baby] up?!  

Baby skin is so perfect and precious, but it does tend to become dry. Dry baby skin calls for some TLC, and a little bit of baby lotion can go a long way in restoring their delicate skin barrier to hold moisture in. Keep reading to learn more about how baby lotion reverses dryness and keeps your new human’s skin soft and shiny.  

Choose a Baby Lotion Formula with Gentle Ingredients  

Hello Bello Baby Lotion is a gentle formula made only from worry-free, clean ingredients to seal in moisture and keep the skin on baby’s whole body well hydrated and nourished. Our lotion contains Mother Nature’s moisture-rich all-stars, including jojoba seed oil, shea butter, and avocado. Other ingredients like oatmeal, chamomile, and aloe soothe dryness-related irritation. 

Our Baby Lotion is available fragrance-free or in one of 4 plant-derived fragrances that have moisturizing properties of their own. What you will not find are: 

  • Synthetic fragrances  
  • Phthalates  
  • Parabens  
  • Common allergens like gluten, eggs, peanuts, and soy  

Best Time to Apply Baby Lotion 

Whether your baby likes it or not, they spend a lot of time pretty much naked. Between diaper changes, meal mishaps, costume changes, bath times, and their personal preferences – we spend a lot of our time looking at their bare skin. Dry skin is hard to miss. Bumps, red patches, scales, and peeling are all tell-tale signs.  

One of the best (and most convenient) times to apply baby lotion is right after a bath. It sounds counterintuitive, but water can strip skin of natural oils, leaving it vulnerable to dryness. So, using a gentle lotion to restore moisture and maintain supple skin is a good idea. 

TIP: Be quick about it! Applying baby lotion within three minutes of bathing is the best time to trap optimal moisture.  

Babies’ Skin Needs Change with the Seasons 

Weather conditions significantly impact our skin in general, not just babies. Even the products you use to maintain your skin may change. Fortunately, Hello Bello makes other moisturizing products to address baby skin throughout the year. 

Cold Weather 

Cold weather can be harsh on anyone, leading to dryness and discomfort. Cold weather winds are drying enough without the added bone-dry heat radiating from your vents. During the colder months, you may need to up the ante on the moisture front for your little one.   

Baby balm is a thicker product that better resists dry winter air. Packed with natural emollients such as shea butter, soothing chamomile, and protective tamanu oil, Hello Bello Everywhere Balm is a next-level moisturizer to keep baby’s body soft until the temperatures rise. As the name suggests, you can use it everywhere as needed.  

TIP: In addition to using balms, adding a nursery humidifier to baby’s bedroom can help maintain skin hydration and keep nasal passageways clear. 

Hot Weather  

Protecting your baby's skin from the scorching sun is crucial. Newborns are best kept out of the sun entirely with UVF protective clothing and shade umbrellas. For busy, unstoppable toddlers, Hello Bello’s  SPF 55+ Baby Prebiotic Mineral Sunscreen Lotion is a lifesaver. Our water-resistant and reef-friendly sunscreen is loaded with natural moisturizers that protect against the sun’s harmful rays and nourish dry, sun-kissed skin. 

Diaper Rash and Other Baby Skin Concerns 

Frequently using wipes and cleansing products during diaper changes may cause dryness that can be effectively treated with baby lotion. However, it is less effective than treating a rash with our Soothing Diaper Rash Cream.  

Thick and creamy, this product provides a more impermeable skin barrier while soothing redness and irritation with nature’s finest coconut and sunflower oils as the rash heals. (If that persists and the diaper area becomes as red as tomato soup, contact your pediatrician, as you may need to apply antifungal cream now!) 

It’s also important to consider whether your baby has dry skin or something more serious. If you suspect your baby has a skin condition such as “cradle cap” or eczema, ask your pediatrician about specialized creams to treat these conditions.  

The bottom line: With few exceptions, applying baby lotion is the answer to dry baby skin. Keep that adorable, edible skin hydrated and healthy with Hello Bello Baby Lotion, Everywhere Balm, Mineral Sunscreen, and other products.