These Reusable Silicone Bags Can Save You Time & Money (It’s True!)

Published: 03/31/2023

Meet Stasher, your secret weapon for ditching plastic (and staying sane!) 

As if parenting wasn’t tough enough, imagine trying to raise kiddos while keeping your eco footprint minimal for their future. Daunting. We get it — being super-ultra-perfect sustainable is just not realistic, but there are small steps you can take that not only make a difference for the planet, but also help you save money . . . and sanity. 

Let us introduce ourselves. We’re Stasher — the simple, reusable alternative to plastic bags. We make it so easy to ditch plastic because our platinum silicone bags and bowls are heat-safe, leak-free, and (drumroll) dishwasher-friendly! To ensure you get the most out of ‘em, here are some tips on what you can do:   


Make, Store, And Freeze Food. 

All in one reusable. Yep, really. You can easily use a Stasher bag or bowl to steam veggies — like bits of sweet potato or carrots — in boiling water on the stovetop or via the microwave. Then, mash it up right in the bag and store it in the fridge. For longer storage, you can put the bag in the freezer. 

When we said heat-safe above — we meant it. So, feel free to re-heat that same food in the microwave or oven (up to 425°F) without any worry that harmful chemicals will leach into your little one's food. Just be sure to check for hotspots and ensure the bag/food is completely cool before feeding your kiddo. And when it’s all done? Throw it in the dishwasher or, if old-school is more your style, hand wash in warm, soapy water. Done! 


Travel With Less Stress — Really! 

With lots of sizes and colors to choose from, our bags come in clutch for keeping kiddos busy during a long road trip or flight. Store toys, pacifiers, crayons, and snacks in a smaller bag tucked in your purse or have all essential diaper kit stuff in one compact, leak-free bag while on the go. 

And speaking of diapers and stuff, the leak-free seal is really helpful for keeping dirty clothes sealed away if a blowout happens when you’re out and about.


Organize the Nursery and Playroom. 

Though DIY baby food and meal prep is where we really shine, our reusable bags are also perfect for household storage. And by household storage, we mean trying to bring some sort of calm to the chaos that is your nursery or playroom. Or is that just ours? 

Especially when it comes to little toys that have a habit of being stepped on (ouch), Stasher bags keep everything tidy and sealed tight thanks to the Pinch-Loc® seal. 


Sanitize Pump Parts and Store Breast Milk. 

Not only are our bags great for heating food, but you can also use them to help clean tricky things like breast pump parts. After you’ve cleaned your pump parts with soap and water, put them in a Stasher bag with water and microwave to steam them. Just make sure the seal is cracked! 

Though you should never microwave breast milk, you can store it and freeze it directly in a Stasher bag. Thaw it safely in the fridge overnight or by running the bag under lukewarm tap water.   


Easily Clean and Reuse. 

Did we mention that our bags are completely dishwasher safe? Yeah? Okay, well it deserves another mention because as a parent, you’re BUSY. Meaning you need something that gets clean quick and easy. And then is ready to be reused again and again.


What are your favorite ways to use Stasher bags? Let us know in the comments! And if you want to give them a try, use code SMALLSQUAD on for 20% off. 

Stasher is the leading brand that provides a simple, reusable alternative to plastic bags. It’s the first food-grade platinum silicone bag with a durable, leak-free Pinch-Loc® seal that will last for years to come. Every Stasher is safe for the dishwasher, freezer, microwave, oven (and even sous vide), so they fulfill endless household needs. As a mission-driven company, Stasher donates to high impact nonprofits dedicated to ocean health and keeps 260 single-use plastic bags out of oceans and landfills every year. To date, Stasher has prevented more than 5.5 billion single-use plastic bags from ending up in our waterways. For more information about Stasher, please