Unexpected Advice for Your First Month of Pregnancy

Published: 07/09/2021

 Let it be known: Peeing on a stick and then saving that stick is the first of many, many, many disgusting things you will do as a parent.

on getting knocked up, mama! Whether it’s your first time or your fifth, there is one theme to remember for the coming months ahead: right now is all about YOU. You’re growing a stinking human being! It’s wonderful, it’s weird, it’s wild, and it’s a time of life when you can and should be selfish. 

Yes, SELFISH – not SELFLESS. Varying degrees of selflessness will be your burden to bear for the rest of your life after this little monster arrives. Right now, it's all about you, you, you. Embrace it. Live it. Revel in it.

And if you already have ankle-biters running around, now’s the time for your partner to step up above and beyond. If they need reminding: YOU ARE GROWING ANOTHER HUMAN INSIDE OF YOU. At some point, said human will assault your insides with kicks and punches, sit on your bladder and make it impossible to hold any amount of pee in your body, and then it will tear through you to make its glorious entrance into the world. (You knew what you were signing up for, right?)

Partner or not, call in help when needed from every person you’ve ever done a favor for – and anyone who even remotely hints at wanting to help in some way. This is your time! (Note: Don’t exhaust all the asks just yet. You’ll want to cash-in on some when you’re insanely sleep-deprived after your little miracle arrives, too.) 

Your new mantra: Me, me, me, me, me.

Baby Size-O-Meter: 4 weeks = a grain of rice


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