A Pregnancy Mantra for Month 6: It's My Preg-Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

Published: 06/11/2020

You know you are pregnant when: Dropping something on the floor means it's dead to you. Warning: Due to pregnancy hormones, you may burst into uncontrollable weeping and feel like punching someone in the throat in a 5-minute time span. 


You’ve announced the big news, arranged a slew of prenatal appointments, and watched that little gummy bear become more and more human-like with each new ultrasound. You wake up exhausted and somehow manage to power through each day. And you’re still trying to wrap your mind around what you’ve gotten yourself into (another mouth to feed and person to clothe!?). At times you’re elated, then fighting back tears, then frustrated at everything and everyone in sight.

It feels like you’re wading through ALL the emotions right now, and that’s because you are! Many women experience the highs and lows of pregnancy hormones, and it’s something to embrace — not suppress. Rather than feeling ashamed or ignoring your feelings, it’s OK to let yourself cry once in a while (happy tears, sad tears, angry tears!). You may be a warrior, but that doesn’t mean you have to hold it together the entire nine months of your pregnancy.


Amidst these heightened emotions, find ways to give yourself the break you SO deserve. Set aside one night a week and treat yourself to a bit of "me" time. Light some candles and relax in a warm bath with a couple of drops of essential oil—and while you’re at it, focus on slow and steady breathing to help calm the nervous system. Afterwards, be sure to moisturize thoroughly and slip into bed. You’ll sleep like a baby (or, rather, like a person without a baby).  

 Your new mantra: Cry if you want to.


 Baby Size-O-Meter: 6 months = mango


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