Being pregnant comes with a lot of emotions you never realized you had.

Published: 04/11/2020

Being pregnant comes with a lot of emotions you never realized you had. 

You’re feeling ALL. THE. THINGS. It’s no wonder you want to know ALL. THE. THINGS. You’re brimming with excitement and anxiety and joy and fear and new emotions that may or may not actually be indigestion. 

Inevitably, it all leads to a lot of interneting because it’s next to impossible to not want to research every damn thing that pops into your flighty, worried brain that’s always, always, always on high alert now because you must protect the bébé!!! One moment you’re Googling that weird, new inexplicable sensation in your belly to make sure you’re not about to miscarry. The next you’re Googling if it’s safe to use a microwave. (Note: It is.)

Before you get sucked into the rabbit hole of misinformed (though, often well-intentioned) BS and fear mongering that pollutes the interwebs these days – and before you convince yourself you have a rare condition only 5 other pregnant women throughout the history of time have ever suffered from – get off Google. For reals.

Stick to reputable sources of information. is a great place to start for both education and community. and are other great resources. Do your searching on sites like those – not Google. And for the love of all that is holy, do not obsess. It will drive you certifiably mad with paranoia and that kind of stress isn’t good for you or your baby. (Sorry, not sorry to give you another thing to worry about. It’s just a fact. Try to be chill, mama.)

Your new mantra: Let (most of it) go.

Baby Size-O-Meter: 8 weeks = a raspberry


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